VIDEOTON donated masks

VIDEOTON Holding ZRt. and Maspterplast Nyrt. were among the first who supported the protection against the coronavirus by producing 20,000 pcs of polypropylene masks, to which VIDEOTON contributed HUF 5 million.

The produced protective equipment were not only distributed in the social, health, and educational institutions of Fejér county, but they provided to our county too. As part of this initiative, the two VIDEOTON subsidiaries in Somogy county, VIDEOTON Elektro-PLAST Kft. and VIDEOTON Battery Technologies Kft., donated a total of 5000 pcs of masks to Kaposvár and Marcali.

On Thursday morning, Károly Szita, Mayor of Kaposvár, could have received 4000 pcs, while László Dr. Sütő, Mayor of Marcali, 1000 pcs of masks from the representatives of VIDEOTON and Masterplast.

Masterplast Nyrt. provides free raw material for the production of additional 100,000 pcs of masks, trusting that other companies will participate in the similar way that VIDEOTON did.

The special polypropylene masks are manufactured in a clean and addictive-free way of construction. This equipment can be used multiple times. It can be cleaned in a washing machine at 60 degrees, dried in a drying machine, and sanitized with disinfectant. For extra protection, an additional layer of filtration can be inserted into the inner pocket. Thanks to the special design, this mask is more comfortable to wear than medical masks.