Engineering services

Our engineering team provides professional support as early as the phase of product development, should it be a new product, component or product innovation, facelift.

We are at our customers‘ disposal to make feasibility studies, 3D component models and implement 2D documentation. We perform electronic, mechanical, pneumatic planning and product development with state-of-the-art CAD software. If there is need, with the help of our mother company we can provide further engineering services. In recent years we took part in several common product development projects with most of our partners in the fields of household appliances as well as battery packs.

Engineering services



With our industrial grade 3D optical device our colleagues are able to scan components any colours, materials and geometry.


Even without exact parameters we are able to restore the original geometry of components and the entire surface of the product can be digitalized as well.


With a professional 3D printer we provide realistic and detailed models even with one-millimetre-thick walls, paintable surfaces and 28 micro meter-thick layers.


Our industrialization team deals with the flexible design and implementation of fully or partly automatized assembly lines, testers, special-purpose machines and accessories. During the design process, we pay special attention to ergonomics, economic aspects as well as labour and environment protection. We also take the results of product specific DfA workshops into consideration. We take care of the whole installation and certification process of the machines and testers we designed.

Beyond the design of new equipment we continuously review and permanently modernize our existing machine park and manufacturing processes. We consider it to be a fundamental task to increase our efficiency - mainly via automatization - and to improve our existing technologies.

Assembly lines, process automation

  • assembly jigs, assembly stations for low series
  • semi-automated assembly 
  • fully-automated assembly lines for high-series production

Testers and single purpose machines

  • life-time-, function-, EOL-, leakage-, switching-, high voltage-, and calibration testers
  • automated assembly-, resistance-, and laser welding machines, special single-purpose machines

Own designed semi-automated battery assembly line