Plastic injection moulding

We have more than 30-years of experience in the field of thermoplastic injection moulding.

Our horizontal and vertical injection moulding machine park contains over 100 pcs of machines which are appropriate for producing 1K, 2K or even 3K components in the range of 15-650 tons of clamping force. Our machine park is continuously up-dated; we gradually increase the ratio of machines suitable for precision plastic part production.

Our annual plastic-resin usage exceeds the amount of 2600 tons which we purchase from 30 different suppliers. In order to provide more efficient production, most of our plastic injection moulding machines are robot-assisted and equipped with conveyors.

The moulded parts are delivered either to our customers or to our assembly workshops to assemble into final products. We are able to produce even 2.3 kg weight plastic components. Our plastic portfolio contains several automotive and 2K, 3K parts as well.

Beside injection moulding, we offer other technologies like tampo-printing, different welding technologies and insert moulding.

Industry 4.0 - our developments

  • on-line terminals - for work instructions, technologies, reporting number of products, status code updates of injection moulding machines
  • data analyze system - with the help of this we can get complex information about existing data of production, comparisons, we perform data analysis to optimize efficiency, downtime etc., we determine the production featured KPI's based on extracted data  
  • tool positioning tracking system - mobile application, provides proper on-line information about the state and the physical place of injection tools, with the help of this we prioritize maintenance and optimize downtime
  • collection of data in real time - we can get direct (real time) data from injection moulding machines and peripheries 

To secure the continuous production and quality level in the plastic workshop we have a dedicated measuring lab, where we accomplish 3D contact and optical measurements, colour, hardness, roughness, torque and MFI tests.

Some important aspects why you should choose us

  • modern, high-tech machine park
  • processes certified according to IATF 16949 standard for the automotive industry
  • customer-focus approach
  • certified production processes
  • tool trial and optimization for our partners free of charge
  • permanent, excellent quality
  • quick, precise logistics