Product tests

To provide extensive services we established a separated test lab based on the increased internal and external demand. This way we are available for our partners not only with our production capacity but they can use our lab which is appropriate to accomplish different tests.

In our lab with state-of-the-art measurement technologies (coordinate, optical and profile measurement machines) all kinds of complicated measures can be implemented.

The test lab is equipped with temperature and humidity chambers, RoHS tester (with X-ray spectrometer) to filter dangerous substances which can be found in electric and electronic devices; further specific testers, as well as machines which enable to fulfil the following test processes:

  • product functionality and performance related tests
  • product design and release tests
  • RoHS compliance tests
  • preliminary approbation tests
  • internal tests for investigation of quality problems

Tests in the area of battery applications:

  • drop- / stress tests
  • short circuit test
  • charge / overcharge
  • discharge / forced discharge / lower energy level
  • determine / control back capacity
  • battery-related life-time testers
  • engineering – application specific – tests
  • recorded characteristics, battery characteristics
  • cell / cell package protection test
  • analysis of cell welding / soldering