Finished product assembly

There is a wide range of production equipment in our workshops, from manual assembly cells to automated assembly lines, adjusted in all cases to the product requirement determined by the customer.

We are at our partners’ disposal from the very first engineering series to mass production, during the entire lifetime of the products and their service components. With the flexible assembly lines we are able to assemble complex key components or end-products and give them market-ready packaging.

All of our end products are 100% tested before shipment, during which we check the functionality of the outgoing goods. To achieve the best quality level, we work with the leading quality methods.

Tens of thousands of products produced daily in our assembly workshops - from simple to premium category - can be found in most households worldwide.

Additional options

  • soldering
  • stamping
  • gluing
  • ultrasonic welding
  • screwing
  • riveting