VIDEOTON won Business Ethics Award

On 26 November, 2020, an evaluation committee awarded the Business Ethics Award to VIDEOTON Elektro-PLAST Kft. and two other companies in the large-enterprise category. The prestigious recognition was awarded to our company for its merits in raising the ethical standards of domestic business and for conducting business for the environment and social well-being.

Business Ethics Award has been a prestigious recognition of business life since 2000. The founders – Ervin László world-famous scientist, writer, president of Budapest Club Foundation and Mária Demcsák, prominent figure of economic specialist press – created this award 21 years ago. Their intention was bringing Hungarian companies to the attention of Hungarian society that set an example with their responsible activity, thinking, and developments aligned with the interests of the environment and society.

Only ten domestic companies can receive Business Ethics Award in four categories every year. In 2020, the jury, which members are the directors of previously remunerated companies, rewarded two small enterprises, four medium-sized enterprises, three large enterprises, and one multinational enterprise. The recognitions were distributed in an unusual award ceremony.

We are proud of this prize because it proves that we are on the right way. We do our jobs daily, and if we receive an award like this feels good to us, it is a kind of confirmation and a sign on the side of a long road that we are in the right direction.