VIDEOTON donated medical instruments and apparatus in 3.7 million forint value

Our company group is a responsible company that has initiated a programme to support medical institutions affected by the corona-virus. As the current step of this initiation the subsidiary in Kaposvár has offered orthopaedic traumatology surgical motor, hydraulic bath bed, and tubular patient sheet in 3.7 million forint value to the Somogy Megyei Kaposi Mór Teaching Hospital and the Dr. Szaplonczay Manó Integrated Hospital Unit in Marcali.

Health care is a significant issue for everyone, so as the largest industrial employer, VIDEOTON considers the support of heal work as a priority. By consulting with the managers of the hospital, our company puts a great effort to aid those areas which ensure patient care and where it is needed the most.

The donated surgical motor is going to be used in the central surgery in Kaposvár, during traumatological and orthopaedic surgical procedure. The hydraulic bath and the tubular patient sheet is going to be used in the unit of Marcali, to ease the work of the nurseries on chronic departments.

On behalf of their employees, the managing directors expressed their gratitude for those who provide health services, as well they wished recovery for patients as soon as possible.

During the handover, Levente Pálca added that the now implemented support of the Kaposi Mór Teaching Hospital is on a highlighted place in the company's social responsibility strategy. The donated devices during the current development serve the rise of the standard of patient care. There is a strong relationship between the hospital and the company, so it is natural for it to support the institution when they have to focus their resources on fighting with the virus.

“As being the largest industrial employer we take it significant to support the community of Kaposvár and Marcali, not only at the time of corona-virus time but in the future as well.” – emphasized Balázs Fábián co-managing director of the company.   

VIDEOTON company group has helped medical institutions, who were in the frontline, also in the critical phase of the corona-virus. In May, the company donated non-invasive respirators, face masks and other devices to the Fejér Megyei Szent György Hospital and to the Dél-Pesti Center Hospital. Besides, by using its manufacturing competence, the company cooperated in the development and manufacture of further protective devices and associated parts (more).  

The medical instruments and apparatus have been handed over to Erzsébet Dr. Papp, medical director of Kaposi Mór Teaching Hospital and Attila Dr. Füle, director of Marcali Hospital Unit by Balázs Fábián and Levente Pálca managing directors, and András Gerber senior director.