Genius Loci Award

VIDEOTON Kaposvár won an appreciation in the local category called the “Genius Loci Award – Companies and Enterprises for Talented Students 2019” found by Hungarian Talent Support Unions (Matehetsz).

Talent Points and Talent Supporter Councils which operate in the Carpathian Basin could nominate such companies which play a significant role in the support of talented students.

The aim of the award is to call the attention for such outstanding innovative initiatives and practical solutions with which companies contribute to the work of talent supporter institutions and organizations to help developing the skills of talented youth. The companies and enterprises were awarded in three categories, based on a decision of a five member jury requested by Matehetsz.

VIDEOTON Elektro-PLAST Kft. was nominated by the Kaposvári SZC Eötvös L Műszaki Szakgimnáziuma, Szakközépiskolája és Kollégiuma.