Factory of the Year

The technological magazine ”GyártásTrend” announced the competition ”Factory of the Year” for the 4th time, which aims to find the production company of the year and the winners of the advertised categories according to complex criteria.

Managing directors of VIDEOTON Elektro-PLAST Kft. could receive the award for the first place winner in the category of “innovation” at an event organized on 3 May, 2019.

Companies, having Hungarian factory units, could apply for the competition in nine categories. The competition season lasted for half a year during which those companies that have been chosen for the shortlist were evaluated by a committee of experts by a site audit. Then according to the achieved scores a jury of experts, working in the industrial sector, made a decision according to objective criteria. The complex prize could be won by a company which was listed to the shortlist in many categories and won the first prize in at least in one of them.

According to the application material VIDEOTON Elektro-PLAST Kft. submitted, the company was added to the shortlist of the participants in two categories (”innovation and ”workers’ satisfaction”), while VIDEOTON Battery Technologies Kft. was also added to the short list in the category of ”innovation” and ”production support processes”.

Until the award ceremony, the results were unknown to all the participants. Balázs Fábián and Levente Pálca Managing directors received the certificate and the plaque of the first prize winner in the category of ”innovation” in the name of VIDEOTON Elektro-PLAST Kft.