A new design by our engineers

After long technical reconciliations and price negotiations one of our partners ordered the design and manufacturing of a semi-automated line appropriate for the assembly of a new lithium battery pack. The work was implemented by the manufacturing development group of our engineers.

The voltage measurement and the welding of the cells; the soldering of the printed circuit; the screwing of the pack and the tests occur automatically on the production line. A six-axes robot was built into the EOL, which takes off the packs from the round table of the tester and transfer to the filling station then put the filled battery back for a test. Our engineers have never designed such complicated and technical quality machinery yet.

The design, the production of the components and the sourcing have occurred. 11 development engineers, 3 technicians worked on the construction and the “awakening” of the machine. The complete installation and the test were implemented in Kaposvár and then the divided parts were transported to Marcali where the final installation has happened.